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Web Helpline is the most renowned B2B Portal development company in Delhi,India. E-commerce Business today has become global and we are increasingly depending on online business for our needs. Almost all businesses are done through online website. B2B and B2C portals are the online platforms from where entrepreneurs, manufacturers, service providers and consumers carry out all their business activities and fulfill their specific needs. B2B & B2C lies the importance of creating inclusive portals that not only optimize business growth, but also act as a one-stop centre for all up-to-date information related to your products or services.

B2B Portal Development:- At Web Helpline, we design and develop Business-to-Business (B2B) portals for the purpose of large scale online business such as online marketing between raw materials providers and manufacturers or between manufacturers and wholesalers or between wholesalers and retailers. As volume of transactions through these portals are tremendously high, their designing and development demands high level of sincerity, innovation and technical expertise in which our B2B Ecommerce is designed to sell / purchase products, goods, materials, or services online for any kind of industry. Horizontal b2b ecommerce solutions connect buyers and sellers directly or through third party to assist transactions.

B2C Portal Development:- Business-to-consumer (B2C) portals are developed for business transactions between manufacturers and consumers or between service providers and consumers. Today consumers are tech-savvy and importance of time has made them completely rely upon online marketing. As competition in retail business or service sector is burgeoning amazingly and consumes are becoming highly mobile, it is essential to attract customers and make them stayed on your B2C portal. And for this you need to have a B2C portal that combines powerful but easy to use functionalities with eye-catching look. E-Definers Technology is adept in developing such high performing B2C portals.

Our expertise in the domain of B2B/B2C areas lies in:-

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